Since 1993

Custom Tattoos by Scott Cutlip

Bonafide Tattoo Company is the brainchild of Cleveland artist "Eugenius" Scott Cutlip. In the 1980's Scott began creating the first street art, or graffiti art - long before it was even recognized as an art form. He perfected his style and ability and that opened the door for him to enter into the world of tattooing, which he began doing in the late 1990's.

Having worked in shops across the country he has perfected his skill as a custom tattoo artist - able to transform the most general idea into a fantastic custom work of art. He is not a "flash" artist. He can create custom pieces on the spot - drawing them right on you before tattooing! He has over 15 years of experience in busy shops up and down the east coast.

Tattoos are currently by appointment only.  Please get in touch to discuss your idea and schedule an appointment.



Professional Machines

While great tattoos rely extremely heavily on the tattoo artist's creative talent; having quality, professional equipment definitely helps to ensure that the artwork you are receiving will be the best it can be. Scott has an extensive collection of custom built tattoo machines that enable him to put his best work into each tattoo.


Quality Inks & Tools

Sterilization and safe practices are something Scott takes VERY seriously. He uses only the highest quality, professional tattoo inks. All needles are sterilized and individually packaged. All tubes are disposable, one-time use only, and are also sterilized and individually packaged.

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